What the what?! Its a blog!

 Oh man, I did it. After threatening to, I finally got a blog. Ok, so I’m like 5 years behind, but whatevs. I mean I recently just discovered hipstigram. Its cool, I like being a little behind, its charming or something. Ok babycakes (would the plural be babycakeses? No, that’s just ridiculous), so this is it this is where I share my life with the world. Well, some of my life. Ok really, its only my dating life. And the only reason I’m sharing is because I apparently live in a sitcom when it comes to dating. These stories, which are the honest to god truth, will blow your minds so hard your brains will need a cigarette at the end of the post(s). Also I may also babble on about lame dudes, lame dudettes, good food, sweet ass girl dates, lame ass first dates, and my dog. My dog is awesome. No joke.

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