Girl dates are amazing

Happy Friday loves!! Can we just take a quick break from horrible first dates and talk about the awesomeness known as girl dates? I’m not talking dates with girls, those are totally different, and knowing my luck, if I ever went on one of those, it would end up as a horrible first date. What I’m talking about is getting all fancied up, going out with one of your lady friends to a fancy restaurant for cocktails and appetizers, and not trying to get laid (what? Crazy talk! But so nice to not worry about it sometimes)! This is the shit. Like it so awesome that I wonder why I do anything else, and then I remember that there are other things to a relationship I enjoy…like you know, cuddles *wink*. Anyway, last night I had an amazing girl date with a friend of mine. Even though this is a good post, I’m going to go ahead and call her the Slav. She totally knows I’m writing this about her and she’s cool with it! And this is why I love her.

Right, so Thursdays are normally a knitting night for us, and by us I mean a group of about 5 ladies. We all get together and drink and eat and perform magic with yarn and needles and sometimes hooks. Lately I’ve been hooking since I find the crochet to go much faster. And babycakes, if you’re laughing right now, just imagine how you’ll be crying in the zombie apocalypse when you’re freezing your ass off and I’m toasty warm in my hand knit sweater, with my crocheted blanket over my lap. Oh, wait you were laughing at the hooking reference? Clean up your smutty mind…though to be fair I giggle every time I say I’m going to go hook. Serious lols. But just in case you are interested:

Anyway of our cozy group of 5 one gal is out of the country, one is out of the state, and one was staying home with her nugget. All of those are totally legit reasons to skip a knitting session, I guess. I mean I’m still going to give them shit about it because I can, but whatevs. So that left me and the Slav. We decided, fuck it, let’s get fancy cocktails instead! Why would you ever think anything else? And can I just say how amazeballs (which btw I stole from this awesome chick: you should read this blog now, ok after you finish this post, but then get on it STAT) it was? She was punctual when she showed up at our sexy table, because you know, I got us one, she even pointed out that she was on time because she knew how important it was! *swoon*), hilarious (umm she’ll make your asshole bleed if don’t laugh, then try and give you away on Craigslist, I’ve heard…damn pinecones on your seat [PS. Yes loves, that was an inside joke, but since mostly my friends read this they’ll totally get it]), entertaining, and offered to let me try her appetizer! If she weren’t already married I would propose to her (Sorry, Slav’s hubby, thems the kicks). Well it would help if she were a dude too. But if she were a dude, it totally wouldn’t be a girl date and that would defeat the entire purpose of this post. And now my head hurts from thinking about it. But the end result is I HAD AN AMAZING GIRL DATE WITH THE SLAV!!!!

Also, any male readers take note, be like the Slav and I’ll propose to you, so get on it!

On that note babycakes, I’m going to call it a day, hopefully this weekend I will gather more fodder for the blog, but even if not, I’ve still got stories. So many stories. You’ve still got The Destroyer to look forward to. No joke, this shit is for real and hysterical and kind of depressing if you think about it too much, so don’t, just read and giggle, that’s what I do and this shit happens to me!

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