Face Melting Cuteness and a Tirade on 50

Oh babycakes, I don’t want to only give you depressing dating stories. I want to give you hilarious dating stories, but I think I’m going to just share adorableness with you today. And by adorableness, I’m talking about my dog-face, Bellasaurus Rex. Ok, to be fair, when I adopted her she was just named Bella, I’m pretty sure after the Twilight series. Since I’m not a fan, I adjusted her name.

If you’ve already looked at the picture, I’m sure your face just melted from all that cute. Amirite? For serious, I almost throw up in my mouth every time I cuddle her she’s do adorable. But hold up, lets talk Twilight /50 Shades for a mo. OK let me just admit this, I read Twilight (I totally missed the Harry Potter boat and thought to m’self “Dude, you should read this because HP is cool as hell!”) and then I tried to bleach my brain. Those books were awful. Now if you read and liked them, it’s cool, I like to read cheesy sci-fi, judge away! Well, then I decided to read the 50 Shades series. I had heard all sorts of good things about this series, not only was it supposed to be super hot, feminists were touting it! WIN! I mean, seriously, look at my dates; I needed some sexy in my life. Well. There were parts of the book that I enjoyed. Like I would enjoy any other cheesy romance novel. But this was supposed to be BDSM erotica. I feel like it totally fell short of its mark. Mad kudos to the author for self publishing and making a shit ton of money, but this is not a series I would reread. The main character pissed me off (what college graduate doesn’t have an email address? I believe in suspension of disbelief but COME ON!) and the BDSM scenes were pretty tame, even compared to mainstream romance novels I’ve read. And dude was way too controlling outside the bedroom. Not sexy. So now I’m attempting to find a substitute for those friends who are in lurve with this series, I want to be able to point them in the direction of a better written book. Don’t worry babycakes, I’ll keep you posted *wink*.

Back to my dog. Bow down to her awesomeness. Because dog love matters, it really does.


Oh sorry, did I melt your face with my cuteness?!

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