OMG I survived the move…barely

IT’S MONDAY!! Now babycakes, I normally hate Mondays. In fact, you could say I loathe them. I mean it’s the beginning of the week, shit always breaks, it’s just not a good time. But you know what?! I slept like a rock last night and I’m totally living in a sweet new place. I’ve got nothing but Monday Love!!


So after the THE BREAKUP I moved into my own place. I know, never lived alone before? Weird. But in college I lived in a dorm, after college I had a series of roommates so I never was alone. Can I just say, its magnificent! But it also gets lonely. Which is why I’m so stoked about this set up. I’m basically splitting duplex with a buddy and his girl, so if I’m all sad panda I can harass them to come over for a Firefly marathon and if I’m all salty at the world, I can hide all by myself!! Also, I would like to point out this place is adorable; it’s got sweet hardwood floors, ginormous windows, a backyard for dog-face (who, btw, is so excited she piddled herself over it)! I’m so beyond thrilled I may have piddled a little bit too. No, no I didn’t. Anyway, the whole point of this post is to give some love to my friends who helped me move, my friends that helped me break in the living room with a few beers, and my friends who came to visit just to make it feel warm and loving in the house. And lastly love to my roomies- I’m totally going to make you some cake.


Anyway I’m keeping this short and sweet because I’m fucking exhausted and I still have more cleaning and unpacking to do, but I can’t not wish my gentle readers a happy Monday (did you like that sweet double negative? Yeah, that’s a panty dropper, I know these things).


(Oh and don’t worry, I’m working on the post for The Destroyer, but it’s so amazeballs that I have to take my time!)

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