Happy Tuesday babycakes! Monday is over, my vacation is coming up, it’s, well, I got nothing else, but I’m really fucking excited it’s Tuesday! And I have a date to report. Maybe. I’m probably going to be kinda cagey about it.

DETAILS! So I may or may not have gone on a freaking 13 hour date on Saturday. And it may or may not have been amazeballs. The dude may or may not have had an epic beard and a killer sense of humor and pretty eyes. I’m not telling anything else. For reals, telling you all kinds of shit will jinx it and I had enough fun I don’t want to jinx it. Also, I’m an asshole and totally spaced other plans I had on Saturday, so if you’re reading this friends, I AM REALLY SORRY. No sarcasm, just straight up contrition.

So instead, jinxing this thing that may be awesome (also, side note, typing the word “jinx” is fun), I’m going to tell you about me being a moron.

I met this guy online, though I have to wonder if you can legitimately say you met someone when you’ve only emailed and texted and talked on the phone…but that’s a whole other question that is way too esoteric for this early in the morning, especially considering how little caffeine I’ve had.

Anyway, I met this dude and he seemed so nice. And sweet and funny. But here’s the thing, he was supposed to come visit and he was soooooooooooo excited to come see me (be aware, I was totally going to help him find a hotel room…oh did I not mention that he was more than 5 hours away? Oops. He tots was). And somehow (ok, I totally get that life gets in the way…) he keeps postponing. So no biggie, I mean I’ve not met him, I’m not attached (ok well, kinda attached, which I know is dumb as shit since I’ve not met him and he could be an axe murder. No lie), but then we go from texting every hour of every day to like maybe 1-2 times per day.

AND when I asked him what he had done when he had to postpone (because he said he was busy, and like I said, I get life getting in the way) his answer was something along the lines of sleep or nothing or whatevs. So I think he may or may not have been less that truthful about something in his profile or that he told me in our chats. *eye roll* I mean, seriously? LAME. Especially those dudes that post pictures that AREN’T THEM. Do you think I’m a complete moron? I have moments, but I can tell when you look nothing like your photo. At least my photos are me and only a couple of weeks old. I like to update those regularly.

Also, I think he fell out of thrall. Not that I hold dudes enthrall, vampire style (not sparkly vampire, more legit blood sucker vamp), but that’s the only thing I could really think of. So that means I need to work on my brain control ala River Tam. I mean she could tots kill you with her mind (OMG NERD ALERT!). So that brings me to this link. Go look at it, this dude is my hero right now, I would propose to him. http://www.dorkly.com/embed/18857/the-browncoat-anthem-firefly-rap

Because not only is this ridiculously cool, it’s also full of inside jokes that only a hardcore Firefly/Serenity fan would get. And babycakes, I’m one of those. I still think the show could make a comeback!

Anyway, Malcolm Reynolds, if you’re out there, let’s go grab a beer! Maybe go blow some shit up. It’ll be fun! Promise!

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