Vacation, what a sweet, sweet word.

Well baby cakes, sorry I was all MIA for like a week a half, I was on VACATION!! This is this is the first vacation in about two years and the first non-staycation I about 5+years. Sad story I know. So while I don’t have any horrible dates to report, I have wonderful things to reflect on. I know, I’m not bitching about something? It’s weird, amirite? No worries, I’ve not been taken over by pod people, that I know of, so I guess it’s still a possibility, but I’m pretty sure it’s just leftover vacation high.

Because I think you’ll care, let me share what I did! I went to Ohio to hang with an old buddy that I’ve not seen in abou 8 years. It was glorious! Can I just say Columbus has a bad ass zoo? Seriously, once I figure out how to upload photos (on my iPad, because obviously, I’ve uploaded photos before) they will be in your face! So the zoo was amazeballs, the animals were mostly active, but it got a little warm toward the end there. Then we went to the conservatory and butterfly garden! It was so pretty (super girlie moment, sorry) with all the beautiful butterflies fluttering about! 

Then I made a pit stop home to see mom (yes I do have a mother. Hell I have a father and a step mom, so see, I wasn’t raised by wolves)! And we went to the zoo up home! And that meant I got to see another buddy! Now my home buddy I get to see more often than my Ohio buddy, but it was still nice to be able to wave hi. 

Then as I was driving back to my home, where I live now, I got to thinking about how fucking lucky I am. For reals, not only does my family rock, yes every once in awhile I want to slap someone, though not very hard, but my friends are the most amazing people ever. No kidding. If you are my friend and you happen to be reading this blog, I love you. I would prefer if the next time I see your you don’t get s weepy over this, but friends, if you ever need anything, I will help you anyway I can, because you know what? Your guys (and gals. I’m an equal opportuni friender) you are the family of my choice. Blood may not be there, but love is and that’s all that matters. So even if I end up a crazy dog lady (I don’t think there’s any few of me being a cat lady) without a husband and/or children, I will never be lonely and unloved. Unless friends, you don’t love me. Then screw you guys! Just kidding…sort of. Anyway. Well.That’s kind of awkward, pouring out your heart online, but fuck it. I LOVE YOU GUYS. I’m going to go eat some tacos now.

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