Oh babycakes, I know I’ve been absent and this has saddened you greatly. I mean you may have cried big ole crocodile tears, and you know what? I don’t blame you! If I didn’t hear from me for an extended period of time, I’d be beside myself. Which I’m not even sure is possible, but whatevs. Wanna know why I was gone? It’s nothing exciting or scintillating, le sigh, I’ve just not been on any dates. But I can catch you up on the lack of excitement in my life. For serious, the most exciting thing I’ve done is yard work. Though I have to admit that my front porch looks killer now. And I actually have stairs, thank god, I was worried about falling and breaking my neck during the winter! Not that it’s winter or anything, but it’ll be here eventually and if I hadn’t cut the ivy now, I wouldn’t have done it and I would never type random stream of consiousness for you to read!!!!!! That would be so awful for you.

Oh guess what? I’ve not had my second date with 13 hour date guy. Know why? I’m apparently a good luck charm for work. He’s been super swamped with stuff. Which is good. I was apparently freaking out over nothing. Of course this what I do and I’m really fucking good at it. Oh well. So basically all my whining was for naught, but we’ve not had a second date. I would still like too, but I guess its not lookin like its in the cards. Which blows. I think I’m just all whiny and overly emotional and maybe I need some cuddles? But know what? I get no damn cuddles, because all my dog wants to do is rape my nostrils. Ugh. I love her, but that’s not really what I have in mind when I want cuddles. In fact, that not what anyone should ever have in mind when they ask for cuddles, ick. Oh!! Despite the nostril rape, I’ve been taking ridiculously cute pictures of my dog. Check this shit out.

What? Me? Adorable? You are too kind!


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