And the dating gods have been angered…

Looks like I’ve pissed of some higher power who is in charge of making sure that dudes I want to date want to date me too. Oh wait, this is old news. If it weren’t I wouldn’t have this blog. But I digress. Loves, I apologize for the radio silence, but fate, that vile bitch has decide to play new and exciting jokes! I don’t think she likes me making lemon flavored hot toddies out of her damn lemons. Fun times! So let’s rehash. I have horrible dates, this is not new information I hope. but now I can’t even get a fucking date to blog about! I kid you not darlings, I have had four different dudes cancel/stand me up for non dates. These weren’t even serious dates they were coffee, a beer, a walk, etc and every single one of those fuckers bailed or didn’t show. Luckily I give no fucks so I will drink that goddamn coffee by myself and it will be delicious in my face. TAKE THAT FATE, YOU BITCH. For real though, if I weren’t so sure of my own awesomeness (or have amazetastic friends who will remind me of such) I would have a serious self esteem issue. But my loves, this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up, oh no! I will continue to try to find dates or at the very least stories to talk about, but the pickins are slim and so is my patience.

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