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Since it’s just been announced that the Justice League movie is slated for a 2015 release, the question of who will play the signature heroes comes up. One of the most intriguing of those is Wonder Woman. After Adrianne Palicki’s failed television show I, like many others, started to think that bringing Wonder Woman back to the screen was a bad idea. But you can’t have the Justice League without Diana Prince. Below you can find my completely unimportant opinion on who should play Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League film.

1. Bridget Regan is to me, the perfect choice for Wonder Woman. She has the right look (brown hair, light eyes, a curvy yet toned body) and her role as Kahlan in Legend of the Seeker proved she’s capable of some serious fighting scene. She’s always one of the top fan choices circulating the interwebs.

2. Gina Carano

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