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The Lands of Ice and FireAuthor: George R.R. Martin and Jonathon Roberts

Publisher: HarperCollins Voyage

So there’s this book series – you may have heard of it – called ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ that has reached catastrophic levels of popularity since the successful adaptation to television in the series Game of Thrones (again, you may have heard of it). While the merchandise factories well and truly working around the clock turning out shirts, jewelry and cookbooks there’s been something missing…something fantasy fans get a big broadsword over: maps. Now HarperCollins have remedied this by releasing the rather pricy The Lands of Ice and Fire set of maps. Now to address the big question…

Is it worth buying?

Let’s begin by making one thing clear: this is a luxury item. Nobody needs to buy this. Every book features scribbled black and white maps, there’s a stupidly overpriced App and we all have access to…

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