I really am thankful. You should be too.

Oh November, the month to give thanks. Well poodles, as much as I bitch and moan and whine and rant and rail, I am very, very thankful for many wonderful things in my life. I’m going to list them for you. Since you chose to click on this blog, you have to read my list! I COMMAND IT! Mua hahahahahah! (Like my evil laugh? It’s pretty boss, I’ve been practicing.)

Ok, so here’s the deal; yes I bitch about being single, because quite frankly it kind of sucks. But this is a big fat first world problem. The fact is; the awesomeness in my life completely out weighs the shitty. Be aware this is in no particular order of importance (so friends, if warm fuzzy socks make it on the list ahead of you, don’t be upset, I loves you!) so here we go:

  • My dog, Bella Butt-Face, for reals, I’m not sure what I would without her!!
  • My family- sometimes I want to punch them in the face, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world
  • My friends (look!! You made it above fuzzy socks, this is the depth of my love), I actually CHOOSE to hang out with you weirdos, and I love you. If I didn’t, I’d ignore you.
  • My job. Ugh, right? I mean I hate it too, but quite frankly, I have a fucking job, and that is the bomb. I get to pay my bills and not live in my mom’s basement. WIN
  • My car, otherwise how would I see my friends? Or get beer? It’s a big deal
  • My blog (which also doubles as my freedom of expression) because, I don’t have to fucking censor myself AND I don’t give a fig who knows it!
  • My roomies, which technically falls under the friends category, but they get a little something extra because sometimes when I’m out late drinking they take my dog out to go potty (or sometimes I’m legitimately working) AND sometimes they have dinner waiting for me.
  • The fact that I have 10 fingers and toes, two eyes and ears, a nose and a mouth. And they all fucking work. If that were the only thing I had going for me, it’s more than enough to make me thankful.
  • The people that read this blog. Whether you think I’m silly or not, it still gets read and this makes me happy J
  • Warm fuzzy socks. I hate cold feet and I love the fact that mine get to be toasty warm.


I have loads more to be thankful for, no lie, and I know and recognize this. This may sound preachy and I don’t mean it to, but every day, I do find something that I am thankful for and spend at least 2 minutes thinking about it. It helps keep me positive (because despite what you may think, I’m a hopeless optimist) and keeps me focused. So to everyone out there; Happy Thanksgiving!!



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