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So Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 has appeared in cinemas. This is something many of us could care less about, especially while Argo and Skyfall are still in circulation. But just in case you have an itch for some supernatural romance but prefer you movies without terrible actors, hokey effect, padding by way of long, long speeches, creepy romance involving a newborn and cinemas full of delirious fangirls than grab one of these romances and enjoy.

10. Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

Ok, fine, you can’t watch it yet because it isn’t out yet. But you CAN watch the trailer and get on board the hype train with the rest of us!

9. Hellboy

Hellboy Liz

This is certainly a case of the right people being hired for the job. Guillermo del Toro has a very striking aesthetic and it’s perfectly suited to Mike Mignola’s supernatural investigators, and Ron Pearlman could not have been more…

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