Dating, Death, and Friends

HAPPY NEW YEAR LOVES!!! 2013 has got to be better than 2012? I fucking hope so.

Oh my loves, I have so much to talk about, mostly because I’ve been Slacky McSlackerson and have ignored my loyal readers. My most heartfelt apologies. I love you, I really do! Promise J


Ok, so let’s talk about the past couple of months. In terms of dating, wow what a win! No sarcasm loves, it’s been amazeballs. Holy shit. So I told you about the elf, yes? OK thought so. After that we have, well, hmm I don’t want to use a real name because that’s just not nice (and, obvi, I’m the soul of discretion) and nicknames just seem insulting, and that’s not fair either. So let’s refer to him as Mr. A (the A is for awesome, btw!). I have had 3 (oh yes, 3!!!) dates with Mr. A thus far, and I like him. He is funny, and polite, and kind, and well read, and well spoken, and just pretty all around awesome. Also, because I’m an ass, he has the following attributes which warm the cockles of my heart:

  • All his teeth
  • A regular shower schedule (I’m assuming, since he always smells nice)
  • A job (holy shit!)
  • A car (OMG!)
  • A soul (once again I’m just guessing, but I think it’s a pretty fair assumption)
  • Friends! (I know this for a fact, I met one, quite by accident, but they exist!)
  • A BEARD!!!! (while this isn’t a deal breaker, this totally makes a dude about 50x more attractive in my mind)
  • Glasses (sexy)
  • Full blown nerdiness (and that’s just hot)

Anyhoo, so we’ve gone out a few times and I hope that this continues. I’m not really good at this whole dating thing (I admit this and know I could use tips. I’m also not an asshole enough to think that the dudes are the only reason that my dates fail) so I emailed him and just let him know what I felt. It sounds so much worse than it is. For realsies, all I did was thank him for a nice time on a date, and let him know I like him and enjoy spending time with him. It’s not like I’m a freak and declared my undying love for him or anything, because well, I don’t feel undying love toward him. I’m not a love at first sight type of gal. But I do really enjoy his company and figured no harm in letting him know where I stand. So, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully he appreciates it and reciprocates.


Life outside of dating: fuck this shit. Seriously, the past few months (ok it was the last two weeks) have blown monkey chunks. My granny passed away at the end of December. And that was horrible. Not actually horrible, because she had been sick for a long time, so her passing was a relief; she could be at peace and (not that I’m religious, unless you count the intergalactic space octopus) dancing the polka with Gramps. But horrible, in that you have to go through the funeral thing. Why can’t funeral homes play different music? I mean, I get that most people prefer the somber version of How Great Thou Art, but my Gran would have wanted the Beer Barrel Polka playing. I kid you not. She was not a “Woe is me, mourn me when I’m gone” sort of lady, she was more of a, “You saw me when I was alive and kicking and that’s what you need to remember” sort of gal. And that is one of the many reason why I love her. But there was the whole funeral ordeal anyway (against her wishes I might add) and that in and of itself is rather traumatic. There’s the crying and the wailing and I get that people process grief differently, so I’m really just being a judgmental asshole here, but all I really wanted to do was sit down, have a beer in Granny’s honor, and tell stories about her. We have so many family stories, that either Granny used to tell us from when she was a kid, or things that happened involving Granny that are hilarious and those are the memories that I want to keep around. Toward the end, Granny was quite sick, dementia had changed the person she was, so I really have been mourning her for about 2 years now, and her burial was just a sign that it was over. I can only hope my mom (who was her caregiver for a long time) has been mourning and preparing as well. I worry about her. And that’s a blog post for another day- parenting one’s parent.


Granny’s passing is really the only bad thing that has happened. My friends have been super supportive and for that I am eternally grateful. I honestly don’t think I would be able to handle everything as well without the support of specifically Red, who just will sit with me and let me vent and talk and keep me distracted for hours upon hours and my roomies who looked after Dog Face so I could drive puppy free (which really does make it much easier to drive 4 hours one way). And much love to my other friends who sent support via text, calls, FaceBook, or even showing up at the services. Emily M, that meant so much to me. On that note, bursting with love, I’m going to let you kids get back to your regularly scheduled Monday. Toodles.

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