Huh, either I’m broken or I just don’t give a f*ck.

Loves, I think I may be broken. Or I don’t give a fuck. I’m not really sure which, maybe you can give me your two cents! So here’s the issue, I have a date for sometime this week. Ok its tonight. It was yesterday, and I moved it because, A. I had a fucking headache from hell and didn’t want to do the whole awkward conversation and B. I really wanted to make focaccia bread. Which is why I think I may be broken. I’m considering cancelling tonight just so I can make Orange Pecan Sticky Buns (did you just pop a food boner? I know I did!!) Anyhoo, this guy seems nice enough, has a sweet pretty ok beard, he’s witty, but know what? I’m so fucking tired of it. Seriously, after the whole debacle with Mr. A (and yes, I did send him an email to see if maybe he was in the hospital or was waiting for me to call [he apparently is just not interested]) I really can’t get excited about even someone who seems like a nice guy. And let’s be fair, it’s not Mr. A’s fault, it’s just the luck I’ve had over the past two years, but I’ll tell you what babycakes, bread does not ignore you, it doesn’t not call you, or try to introduce you to The Destroyer. No, bread pulls together, offers you a stress relief (seriously, kneading dough? holy shit is that awesome), an outlet for anger (after the first rise, the directions TELL me to punch the dough, and I always follow the directions), and deliciousness in your face. Why would I not give up dating for dough? I can’t come up with a reason, seriously, help me come up with a reason here or I’m going to become the crazy cat lady (just sub out cats with dogs) and do nothing but bake. AND THIS SOUNDS PERFECTLY FINE BY ME!!!

Ok, I’m sure I’ll do other things like knit, and paint, and go to yoga (which I didn’t do yesterday and I should have; it’s really amazing), and run, and have beers with Red, but when other people are going out for date night and anniversaries and couple time, I will be baking. And I wouldn’t even be alone, Dog Face would be with me and I could listen to music or podcasts (like this one: or even watch a movie! And then I could do all my laundry on Friday nights, clean my house on Saturday morning, spend the day puttering in the backyard/at the Farmer’s Market, bake all Saturday night, and spend Sunday going to the gym or something (I’m guessing that if I end up baking at the rate which I want, I will have to put in A LOT of gym time). I STILL DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS. So maybe I am broken. But that’s A Ok with me. Instead I’m going to fantasize about these: because if they turn out anything like my from scratch cinnamon rolls they will be glorious!!


Deliciousness, thy name is cinnamon roll

Deliciousness, thy name is cinnamon roll

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