I”m attempting to distract myself. And you. Because, work, pff.



Because who doesn’t need a dose of cute on hump day? (I’m totally taking about the dog) I’ve spent most of the day doing actual work stuff and needed a break. Unfortunately I can’t bring Dog Face to my job. Probably because she’d just piddle everywhere and then my douche canoe of a coworker would kick her, THEN I’d have to cut him. And I’m not even fucking kidding. I don’t normally make violent threats and mean them, but if you mess with my dog, I will fuck you up.

OK, mostly I’m trying to distract myself because in T minus 39 minutes, I will be on my second date with the dude from Saturday. Or my fourth, it really depends on if we are occurrences or time. Not that I really care, because I like him. Win for me! It’s not even going to be super fancy or thrilling, we are going to go grocery shopping and then cook together. And you know what? That sounds about perfect. I have to remember to not do single lady grocery shopping though….

Single lady grocery shopping = one banana, a bottle of vodka, and some veggie burgers.

Single lady grocery shopping = one banana, a bottle of vodka, and some veggie burgers.

Not that I think he would even care if we did that kind of grocery shopping, but what do you cook? I mean that’s going to be part of the fun, amirite? Sooooo Here’s hoping for lasagna. And not just any lasagna (not that I’ve ever made it before so I’m not going to bust out some secret family recipe, though knowing my family, it would somehow include duck blood and vinegar) red AND white sauce vegetable lasagna!! Crazy right? Also, it sounds delish.

http://www.justgetoffyourbuttandbake.com/?p=6886  Looks awesome, no?

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