Get the ice cream. STAT

Well, Wednesday’s date went super amazingly well! I was full of squee and happiness and eeee!! It was glorious! I could gush to friends and be all blushy face and I loved it! (also, roomies? I’m sorry!)

Then I brought up a third date (or fifth, it depends on if we are looking at occurrences or amount of time spent together). Whatevs. I brought up spending time together. Oh boy, I got shot down, hard. And not even in a blaze of glory so I could link to that fucking song. *sigh* I don’t know which is more disappointing; being shot down (again, after some serious quality time, if you get my drift) or not being able to link to that song. Oh wait.

Also, and this is vaguely fucked up, I also got a random text from a dude I went out with a few times awhile ago, and HE was bitching about his current lady love. Now I didn’t tell y’all about this guy because there was nothing to tell. He was nice, but there was no spark, he reminded me of my cousin, who I love dearly, but DO NOT want to make out with, ever.

Anyway, I’m having a pity party and thought I’d share. Mostly because I need some ice cream, but if you drop some off, just leave it on the porch, the odds are pretty good I’m not going to answer the door. Only kinda kidding, my hair is pretty ridiculous right now though…

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