Is it OK to Make Fun of OKCupid Users?

Maybe I should reactivate my account and try to date these guys! Those would be fun stories!

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Let’s begin with an explanation of how this article came about. OKCupid is the biggest free online dating site available, and with the acquisition of of has only served to secure its place as the leader of the business. It makes sense to use it if you’re single and looking – it casts the net out wider than any other service and gives you quick communication with other users. The flip side of the coin is that casting the net out that wide reels in a few nasty things with the catch.

This became the focus of a tumblr site that launched earlier in the year. ‘Nice Guys of OKCupid’ sought out OKCupid users who described themselves as the mythical ‘nice guy’ that women seek and juxtaposed their claims against some of their…disagreeable personality traits.

The ‘Nice Guy’ blog become immediately popular and attracted attention from major news networks…

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