I think I’m in love….

with my chiropractor! HOLY FUCKBALLS kids, he just cracked the ever loving shit out of my lower back and I feel ah-MAZ-ing. Seriously, I thought it was all hooey. Not anymore, sign me up, I’m a believer. In fact I’m singing the song in my head. Also, I’m pretty sure the dude is old enough to be my dad, is probably married, and…I’m sure there’s a third thing, but whatevs. I adore him and nothing can make me change my mind. You know, unless I meet my soul mate or whomever (yes, part of my cynical soul hopes that there is that one person out there for me) *eyeroll*. But even if that happens, I’ll still carry on an illicit affair with him. Well, illicit in the sense that I feel fantastic when he’s done doing what ever magic his hands do. (Heh heh that sounds so much naughtier that I actually meant it too…I like it) And of course I’ll continue to pay him for his services. So all in all I’ll keep it above board. 😉

I do have a question though, have any of you dear readers (I think I’m up to 7 now!!! Woot woot!) gone to a chiropractor? Are they using a fucking Hitachi wand on my back at some point? Because they’ve got this super powered buzzy thing that ZZZZZZZs the hell outta me and for some reason, that’s what I imagine the Hitachi magic wand would be like. And I think that’s pretty fucking awesome. Part of me thinks that anyway. The rational half is terrified by what that would to do one’s lady parts!



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One Response to I think I’m in love….

  1. boredlandia says:

    I’m so terrified of the sound of popping that the closest thing I’ve gone to as a chiropractor is an spine tapping specialist. Its weird and for what I was paying I never had the relief you share!

    Looks like I have some research to do! Great blog! Look forward to stopping again soon!

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