Oh kids, I know it’s been a while. I’ve had shitloads going on. Big goings on too, the kind of stuff that makes you look back at your blog postings and say, “Holy fuckballs, I was a bitter shit over nothing!” That’s what I’ve been doing. Figuratively mind you, I’ve not had a great deal of time to go back in time via my blog posts and reminisce about whatever was happening. So to any dates I’ve written about, it really wasn’t that bad (except the guy I thought was going to kill me, you can go to hell) and I got off track from trying to make people laugh.

But I do have updates for you loyal readers:

  1. I’ve met a super cool dude.  A dude so cool that when my car was broken and I was stranded at home, he picked me up, with coffee, to go the farmer’s market! Did you squee? I sure as fuck did. Also, he’s been super chill and supportive about #2. (I’m trying hard to put some positive stuff first because most 2&3 are really sucky)
  2. My mom is sick. Not the, she’s in the hospital again because she didn’t take care of herself sick, but the, this wasn’t her fault at all and it’s probably not going to be so great, variety. I’ve been up north ferrying her to treatments and doing general care taking sort of things for a little over a week now. I’ve realized, I’m a shitty care taker. Seriously, I have no patience and I’m constantly apologizing because I feel snappish. Probably because I am snappish. And it’s not mom’s fault at all. ARG! But, it looks like I’m going to be able to get her settled at this wonderful assisted living place that will help look out for her. I can finally breathe again, I’ve been so worried and scared (and can’t even imagine what mom is feeling)! Not that I don’t want to care take, but I also have to get some things settled at work. Call me a heartless bitch, but I can’t up and quit my job.
  3. I need to find a home for mom’s dog. I’ve called a few rescue places, but no one’s called me back. This is annoying because mom’s DogFace is kind of an ass to everyone not me or mom. She’s tried to attack my dog (as well as other people’s dogs) before, she’s not super great around kids, and she despises dudes. So if you know a cranky old lady who needs a dog with a shedding problem to follow her around, I’ve got the perfect dog for you!!!
  4. I have the very best family ever (this includes the people I’ve chosen). I don’t really have words to tell you guys (and you know who you are) how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and how much I love you. Thank you, so very much. ❤
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