2014, you little creeper, how’d you get here already?!

Guys, hey guys, guess what? It’s 2014!!! And I don’t think I’ve made a resolution this year. Which I’m totally ok with. And I mean, it’s already 6 days in, which means that the majority of resolutions have already been broken. Totally not making that up; it’s pure fact, Buzzfeed told me so and that place KNOWS what they are talking about.  So since I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions, I’m going to make some life choices and share those with you instead. Because really, they’re the same thing, but I sound way more high brow when I call them life choices and you know how I like to sound pretentious. It’s the highlight of my day usually.

So here’s the list:

  1. As I sit in my cold office, which is shielding me from subzero temperatures (for realzies, its -12 degrees and real feel is -34 degrees), I realize I need to travel more. To warm places (especially in the winter). So, I’ve already registered for the couch surfing site, I just need to take advantage of it, but I’ll wait until the travel advisory has been lifted.
  2. Be healthy. I’m not talking about just going to the gym, though I need to do that again. I’m talking more holistically (ohh snaps, suck it Trebek!). As in, go back to eating vegetarian, mediate more, read more (totally reading this right now, and its amazeballs!), watch less TV, quit smoking (or at least cut back drastically, which is super easy when dealing with Alaskan temperatures, I don’t know how you guys do it!), moisturize more, use sunscreen every day, water my house plants. Actually I really need to do that last bit.
  3. Try new things. Not as in drugs, but as in lace tatting, or boating (obviously not in the winter, I’m not a moron), I COULD LEARN TO SKI. Ok, skiing may be a bad idea, I have no coordination or balance, but maybe cross country skiing? Where does one do that around here? Ball room dance is totally in, but not in heels. Barefoot ball room dancing, that could totally be a thing right?!
  4. Learn a language. Or at least start to learn a language. I’ve checked out this cool site, Duolingo that I heard about on Buzzfeed, which is apparently my resource for everything.
  5. Stop being such a bitch. I mean, it’s true, I’m kind of a bitch. And some of it won’t stop, but maybe I should be less judgy. Ehh, fuck it, I’m going to keep being a bitch. So scratch #5, I’ll just go with 4 things to work on.


But I think 4 things is pretty solid. So dear readers, would any of the 5 of you like to share your plans for the new year? Or how your party went on NYE? Because I’m an old lady and I was the sober ride home. Wait, did you seriously faint? I really am sober at least some of the time. True story.

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One Response to 2014, you little creeper, how’d you get here already?!

  1. Cassie says:

    Love…love..love…! First of all, who doesn’t love being a bitch!? I do. Secondly, I have plans to “try” to become a pescatarian. It’s hard. And lastly I have really been wanting to learn Spanish for an eternity, so thank you for the helpful website, you learn something new everyday.

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