Canceling dates, with class.

Well, I don’t have a date to talk about, but I do have a bit of etiquette to discuss. And I would like to give kudos to a gentleman of my acquaintance. I know, I don’t say that often, but if a man acts like a man, I’m going to give him props. So here’s the set up: I had tentative plans with a gentleman that I know. That I’ve known for quite a while actually, not that really matters in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, we had kind of made plans to get together and when I went to verify, do you know what he did? He told me he couldn’t make it. That’s it, no beating around the bush, no random head games, no being a dick. Was I disappointed? Yeah, of course, because duh, I like this guy. Even on a friend level, I dig him and he’s smart, so conversation is good, which means it would have been fun. But was I angry? No. Not at all actually, which is part of why I’m writing about it. I need everyone (because this is just good manners for guys and gals), to take note. Whether he was not interested, or he legitimately couldn’t make it, he had the consideration to be up front. He didn’t offer lame excuses (I’ve done that), or pretend to make a rain check (done that too), feign kidnapping, phone issues, or illness (look I’ve done this too), he just said, “No, sorry, can’t make it,” and left it there. So thank you friend; I really do appreciate it.

This also makes me realize that I really need to work on just telling people no.  And be ok with it. So there’s another thing we can add to my life goals for 2014; be more forthright with everyone.

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