The good, the lame, and the LARPy

Guys, guys. I know its been awhile. But shit happened. I had 3 good dates, with 3 separate dudes. It was weird. Let me break it out for you:

1. There was Jimmy, Jimmy Olsen. Of course that’s not his real name, but that’s what I’m calling him because, well if you don’t get it, I’m not bothering to explain. He was cute, funny, well read, well traveled, all around nice. We went on a couple of dates, had some laughs, then just fell out of touch. Eh.

2. We’ll just call him Bob. Bob was nice, we went out once, but there was this whole, he was a bit homeless thing that I wasn’t really into. Once he gets things straightened out, he’s going to be a catch! But I would have walked all over him and that’s a dick move.

3. This guy. I was really looking forward to this guy. And we really hit it off for several dates. But then, after some predisclosed radio silence, there was actual radio silence. I’m torn, because while we had fun talking he also had this tendency to talk a bit like a valley girl and that was distracting. To the point I wanted to pop my ear drums. And I got my knitting nights back, so that is a plus.

After the three above, I went on another mini hiatus from dating. Mostly because I got introduced to a new guy. He’s funny, witty, smart, bearded, etc. He’s also in a long term relationship with his lady and they have a baby together. But I love him, and I’m not backing down. Is everyone freaking out? Heh. I’m talking about author Patrick Rothfuss. I’ve never met, and probably will never meet, this dude in person, but I do love him a lot a bit because OMG HIS BOOKS. I need him to come out with the third one though, otherwise my adoration will slip into disdain and no one wants that. But seriously nerdy and non nerdy friends, go pick up The Name of the Wind.You’re welcome. The point is I’ve been voraciously reading books. YAY BOOKS!

But I took a book break and went on a date.

I…he…hrm. He reminded me of my ex. In the way that I wasn’t fond of… Basically this date had a flashing neon sign that said ALL OF THE ATTENTION FOR ME!!!!!!!! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!! Which is fine, but a boring first date. Then things got nerdy. Look, I’m ok with nerdy. I embrace it. I play Dungeons and Dragons for fuck’s sake. But while I was hoping to find common ground, he asked me if I LARP. Which, for anyone confused out there, is live action role playing. In my head it’s a bunch of folks running around downtown, wearing bath towels as capes, and screaming “Fireball!” It’s not my thing. And after saying how it’s not my thing, my date proceeded to talk about it for 45 minutes *yawn*. I can’t say that it was a great experience, but when I told him I wasn’t interested in another date he took it well, so I don’t want to be too much of a dick in this post, but yeah. Also, he had to tell me was an alpha, mansplain what that was, and this is all I saw:

"Alpha" male mansplains "alpha"...

“Alpha” male mansplains “alpha”…

But the best part, is I ain’t even bovvered. I’m actually glad to have my free time again!

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