Yesterday I made the move to sell Mom’s house. It’s weird, I didn’t think I’d be this emotional about it, but it makes sense really. Tomorrow would have been her birthday, in less than 2 months the one year anniversary of her death, and this Friday my roommates move out-of-state.

It’s one of those times that makes me tear up and giggle all at the same time. I’m sad, terrified, and exhilarated and it’s whirling about in my head and heart, which honestly is kind of pain in the ass because it give me heart burn. BUT, it’s not a completely bad thing.

It’ll be great to get out from under the burden of knowing that Mom’s house needs to sell. Not to mention I hate that house. There are plenty of good memories associated with it, it’s cute, I practically grew up there, but when you see two women choose to give up on everything and remain within the confines of those walls, you learn to hate an inanimate object. That house needs to go and I hope to the intergalactic space octopus that the next people who own it don’t get stuck there like Granny and Mom did.

With the anniversary (deathiversary?) coming up, I presumptively called for the day off work AND made an appointment with my therapist. Because, adulting. Also, I know this is the best way to handle it. I’ll probably go home and get sloppy drunk on wine later, but that’s also not a bad thing. Well until the next morning. I’ll just make sure to drink lots of water and take some vitamins.

Oh the roommates. I love them, hard. And hot damn am I going to miss them. But I’m also excited, not only because I get to claim my house, but because they get a chance to go spread their wings, as cliché as that sounds. They’ve got a chance at better jobs, really living as a couple, and taking that next step. So do I. Yeah, it’ll get lonely on occasion, but I like solitude and I have friends. Some near, some far, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, not hard to get a hold of.

Changes are happening kids, and changes are always good. No matter what, they give you a chance to try something different, start over, learn your own strengths, meet new people, turn over a new leaf, or any other variety of idiom you can throw out there. Doesn’t mean they’re not hard, and they don’t suck at times, but there’s always a silver lining if you look hard enough.

…man, I feel like such a sap. I wish I had something to be snarktastic about, but I got nada. Maybe I’m mellowing in my old age.

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