My ovaries are bigger than your balls

No question. Ok really I’m just saying this to brag, because ladies, GUESS WHAT, I ovaried up and asked a dude out.

And I may have gotten rejected. Or not. I’m really not sure, because he was busy this weekend, BUT I DID IT. And yes, it was mildly nerve-wracking, especially since we’ve not talked much (not a good enough reason to deter me either, because that’s what dates are for), and I don’t really know much about him other than the fact that he *seems* nice, and I like his face. And beard. Can’t forget that. Can’t ever forget a good beard.

That’s all I’ve got, because blerg on everything else right now. Except for asking dudes on dates. I’m going to do this more often, I feel like a GD boss!

Like a BossTotally how I looked walking around the office today…^^

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2 Responses to My ovaries are bigger than your balls

  1. Erin Lyon says:

    That is awesome. You need to copyright “I ovaried up” cause it’s amazing.

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