Actually, not really ALL THE THINGS, but a few of the things!

Mostly, I tend to keep a pretty low profile, spending my time drinking beers with Red, playing D&D, knitting things; solid old lady stuff. Don’t worry, that hasn’t changed, if anything, I’ve gotten even more Sophia Petrillo. Look at that puff of cottony hair! Those

I can't wait for 80, it's going to be awesome!

I can’t wait for 80, it’s going to be awesome!

glasses! That sweet, sweet button up under a cardi. Sophia, you are everything that I strive to be. In all reality though, Red and I had a super chill old lady night last night. First, we had our second dog date (BELLS HAS A FRIEND!!! I WAS SO EXCITED I GOT A LITTLE TEARY ON THE WAY HOME) since she and Reggie are going to be spending a few days together when I go on vacation (WUT? I’m going on a vacation!!!!!) and we didn’t want any dog fighting to happen. So the dogs ran around like idiots and my poor DogFace attempted to play, but being poorly socialized, just did a lot of staring and tail wagging. Anyhoo, once they got used to each other and opted to ignore each other, affectionately though, Red helped me make a tote! I MADE A GD TOTE!!! Which meant that we were in her kitchen, ironing fabric, with dogs all over the place. Old lady dreams: fulfilled. Seriously though, how badass is my tote: Owl Carry Your ThingsCute? Amirite? And nothing says “badass” like a pink and orange owl tote…it’s true, the internet told me so.

Kids, I’m going on vacation. I can’t even wait. Besides visiting a dear friend in Columbus a few years a go, I haven’t been on vacation in about 15 years. Since fucking high school. Unacceptable. So I’ve got my itinerary all planned out and shared with several people, for safety reasons. But it’s going to be super awesome, I’m going to a place that’s pretty well-known for its nightlife, but I’m really after the museums, food, beer, and music. I’ll fill you all in, once I get back. A. I’ll have better stories, B. Creepers won’t know where to creep. Actually, in watching that video again, those are a lot of my go to dance moves…maybe that’s something to work on…Nah.

Last bit, I had a date. It was…interesting. He was a nice enough guy, even bought my beers! But, we’re significantly different, not only on an emotional level (I’m much more staid and I’m can’t handle that level of flux) but also recreational past times. I like beer. Some people like injectables. There was also a fair amount of baggage. Not that baggage is a bad thing, space octopus knows I’ve got my fair share, but when it involves police, hard drugs, lawyers and such, it’s out of my league of copeability. So there’s that. Which means I’ve been creating a playlist with this, this, this, and this. Really, it’s A LOT of late 90s/00s girl power.

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