So school marms are your thing? Ok, I’m into that.

So as part of loving the body I have, I’ve been wearing a lot of high waisted a-line skirts, belted dresses, etc; things that make me feel pretty. PS ladies, or gents, there are so many great site out there! Eshakti, ModCloth (my current favorite), Eloquii (so far I’ve only gotten a sales skirt here), and more!

Anyhoo, today, I decided to wear what is being affectionately referred to as my school marm dress. It’s a high collar (above the collar bones, high collar), below the knee, short sleeved, a-line dress. One of the most modest I own (what? I have boobs, they sometimes are just EVERYWHERE) and I have gotten the most compliments I’ve ever gotten on an outfit. Which leads to the only possible conclusion:

Everyone I work with has school marm thing.

Seriously, someone find me a ruler, I need to brandish it.

Where can I get my hair done like this?

Where can I get my hair done like this?

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