It’s Friday and I’ve had two dates this week. With different guys. The Monday date wasn’t super exciting, but neither was it awful, I may actually go out with this guy again. I’ll have to wear at turtleneck, but it could be ok!

The guy yesterday though. Oh man, where do I begin. Ok, we had been emailing on the online dating site I like to use and he seemed fun enough, we had a fair amount in common. I figured dinner would be pretty fun! We went to a local Turkish place, he claimed to dislike Mexican and Sushi, but loved Thai and Indian. I had Thai a few days before and wanted something different, so I suggested Turkish and he seemed into it. He was not; the food wasn’t spicy enough, causing him to mansplain capsaicin and spice levels to me (at this point, my arms were crossed and I was giving him some side eye), also there were tomatoes! HOW DARE THERE BE TOMATOES?! Despite the fact he never asked for there *not* to be tomatoes. Whatever.

The conversation then moves to him not having a job (for the past 6-7 months) because the company he worked for chose to keep the “pretty girl” despite the fact she worked at the company longer (insert eyebrow hike and aggravated foot tapping). But dear readers, he just bought an electronic toy that will allow him to get a job. Because toy planes totally will build a resume, obviously that’s how I got my job (did I mention he was interested in something along the lines of data entry?). On the plus side, he does have a house, because his parents are paying him to house sit! And he reminded me several times that the house has a pool and hot tub. Honest question friends, do I really look like I care? I’m not being facetious, I’m concerned that I come off as high maintenance and materialistic and non douchey guys are put off by it. And by concerned, I mean, I had a twinge.

Moving on from his parent’s super cool house and obvious favoritism of his former employer, I learned about his friends. ALL FEMALE. Now, for period in my 20s, I lived with 5 dudes (not in a gross way, they are less drama though) so I get having friends of the opposite sex. I really do, but ONLY having friends of the opposite sex? RED FLAG Especially when I’m then told that all his lady friends’ husbands hate him because the ladies like him better? (Cue eyebrows of disbelief) Mostly I was just smothered by his ego.

The date ends and I buy my own meal, as one does (may I point out he didn’t even offer and HE WAS THE ONE TO MAKE THE DATE) and as we’re nearing our cars, a dude whistles out his window. I jokingly say, “Thanks baby!” and my date’s reaction was, “Oh no, that was definitely at me, even guys love me.” On that note friends, I went home.

The food was delicious though, mmm pides. And I even bought myself a piece of baklava! So the evening wasn’t a TOTAL loss, just the company.

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3 Responses to Ego-tastic!

  1. A turtleneck? Does that mean Mr. Just Ok gave you a hickey? πŸ˜‰

    And glad you’re able to own it even when you’re out with someone like Mr. Sleaze. You go!

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