Strength and Encouragement

My girl’s words from her heart about the struggles she and her lovely family have faced and are facing.

What They Didn't Tell Me


As adults, a lot of what we do is for a reason. We need some kind of recognition…why else do we do some things? I think about the episode of Friends (if you’re reading my blog, you’ll need to get used to constant Friends references) where Joey tells Phoebe there is no such thing as a selfless act. She tries to prove him wrong and goes as far as letting a bee sting her so he looks tough in front of “all his bee friends” and Joey reminds her that the bee likely died because of that.

We especially want recognition if we’ve done a good job. We like that pat on the back. It’s not necessarily the motivation, the driving force for why we do a good job. But admit it…you like that recognition and it makes you want to do more. And encouragement is essential for being tough…

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