To my good date- Thank You!

So, about two weeks ago I had a good date. I KNOW, CRAZY right? It was with a gentleman that I’ve “known” about two years. I use the term “known” loosely because we connected on a dating site, moved to Facebook (where we found mutual friends in common) and chatted off and on from there. Well about two weeks ago, we finally went out and it was really lovely.

At one point he thought he was going to be late so not only did he text me, he called me and let me know what was going on. I’m not usually one for phone calls, but since A. It was a voicemail and B. I appreciate the shit out of gesture, all was well.

We ended up meeting for lunch (btw kids, lunch dates are the best, because you always have a time limit which is a good thing no matter what) and he was funny, well spoken, thoughtful, and attractive. He also picked up the tab which was entirely unnecessary, but so very appreciated.

Honestly, there’s a good chance he may see this, and if he does, thank you. Thank you for giving me reprieve from my bad dates, thank you for being a gentleman, and thank you for making me laugh.

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