Christmas Eve

This Christmas has been all wonky. First, it’s 52 degrees and sunny. In Indiana. On Christmas Eve, so that’s weird. But I personally appreciate not having to schlep through snow, ice, and sleet to get to work. However, due to this heat wave we’ve had all “winter” I’ve not put up a tree, done any decorating, or even really bought many Christmas gifts. Unseasonably warm weather really does not make me want to put up boughs of holly. Also, I think holly is bad for dogs.

Second, some of it also has to do with the fact that I’m spending Christmas alone this year. DogFace will be there, because DogFace is always there, lurking in the shadows, hunting for food scraps, licking her own butt, barking at farts, but alone as in without other human-like people. TOTALLY MY CHOICE, before anyone freaks out and starts inviting me to things. I could drive up North and see the fam, but I’ve already got plans to see them on NYE (and I don’t have any gifts), and there are plenty of other options, however I’m really feeling ‘meh’ about the entire thing this year.

I’ve felt pretty ‘meh’ about most major holidays this year in general, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc, I think it’s just A.) I’m tired, B.) I’m still going through a grieving process, and C.) I plan on sitting in my jammies, cuddling my dog, watching Star Trek: TNG on Christmas Day, and damn if that doesn’t sound like the best day ever.

Regardless of my general meh-ness, or the one good thing about global climate change, I really do wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and while it may not be white, may it be among the ones you love! (You know, like me, because my guess is you’re going to see this on Christmas, read it then AND THEN IT WILL BE LIKE WE’RE TOGETHER)

HAPPY CHRISTMAS (and bah humbug!)


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