Goddammit OKC

Seriously, what the fuck? The first message was, fine? I guess. It wasn’t as weird, but when you sign your messages “Tall hot *insert name*” that’s telling me your trying too hard.

BUT THEN, you make it weird. Super weird. “Hey baby, lets go to a nude beach together” weird. Which is a first (and hopefully a last) for me.

Also, I cleverly disguised his identity, pretty sweet, huh?



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2 Responses to Goddammit OKC

  1. I’m just now reading these previous posts…..I’ve totally met this guy…it was all normal until after this date…then he did what he did to you. Good by. Then months go by and he’ll start over again but with going right to what he wants. last time was just last week. cracks me up.

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