Oh Good, We’re Not Even Waiting for Dates Anymore

HI FRIENDS! I’m back! Two interesting things happened this weekend.

  1. I had a date, it was fine. He was shorter than I expected, but that’s not a big deal (for reals, it’s kinda nice snuggling with someone close to my height, and super nice for kissing- I’m not talking about this guy, I had a ex who was about my height, it was lovely). I thought we had a good time, but then he ghosted me. Oh well, shit happens.
  2. Someone dropped their crazy on me via text. *SIGH* Look, I would like to point out I’m speaking colloquially- I understand that mental health is nothing to scoff at, but if I’m talking about a mental illness, I will refer to it by it’s name, as opposed to the general term “crazy” which is offensive. “Crazy” is reserved for the weirdos on the internet who throw up red flags ALL THE TIME. #endrant Anyhoo, this dude and I had been texting for…4 days. 4 FUCKING DAYS (this is a very important point) when he tells me yesterday that he’s had an awful day and needs to go home. I attempted to be sympathetic (I know, it’s not my strong point) and told him that I could lend an ear. I mean, I thought maybe he was ill or struggling with a family member’s illness (I’m pretty sure I’ve got a handle on that last situation), but no. He’s “lonely” and “tired of being vulnerable” and other such bullshit. WHICH those are totally legit complaints, I’m sure we’ve all felt them, or something similar. I know I get real low every once in awhile, depression isn’t easy. BUT dude, I’m not going to fix you. Here’s what I’m going to do:


I’m going to tell you to get help. But let’s be honest, (especially after 4 days of texting) I don’t want to have to deal with your issues. I have my own, and in a relationship, SURE, I will be there to help (I think, probably, I am for my friends, so yeah) but right off the bat? NOPE.

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2 Responses to Oh Good, We’re Not Even Waiting for Dates Anymore

  1. hodor says:

    I just met you
    and this is crazy
    but I’m crazy
    oh my god so crazy
    like crazy as a shithouse rat.

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