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Shit. Kinda literally

OMG kids, it’s been forever. Worst part? I don’t really have much to report! I have a kinda boring story I can share. So that’s what I’m going to do. So, I had been chatting with this dude on my … Continue reading

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Living the dream. No, for serious.

Babycakes, I had a revelation. Luckily it wasn’t painful. BUT! I want to tell you all about it. So back when I was dating THE EX and things weren’t going so great, I used to go to my happy place. … Continue reading

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I’m kinda done with dating

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I love Halloween. So much. I dress up almost every year! But not slutty, though maybe I will next year. This year my costume was a bit on the esoteric side (have you ever seen Firefly?) and I … Continue reading

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