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They say breaking up is hard to do. They’re wrong

Oh man kids. It’s Friday night! After the longest short week in the history of short weeks (until the next one happens anyway) and I’ve got a date tonight. Unfortunately (for him, fortunately for me), I’m breaking up with him … Continue reading

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Actually, not really ALL THE THINGS, but a few of the things! Mostly, I tend to keep a pretty low profile, spending my time drinking beers with Red, playing D&D, knitting things; solid old lady stuff. Don’t worry, that hasn’t … Continue reading

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Canceling dates, with class.

Well, I don’t have a date to talk about, but I do have a bit of etiquette to discuss. And I would like to give kudos to a gentleman of my acquaintance. I know, I don’t say that often, but … Continue reading

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My brain, it’s full of random

Well loves, I have a few things to talk about. Not much, it’s been pretty quiet on the home front. BUT I do have new report on the Grand High Cancellor. Like I said, I had sent him a text … Continue reading

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AGH! Why? Why can’t they have jobs?!

Oh babycakes. So I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that I went on an awesome 13 hour date. Good news? I’ve been in contact with the dude since the date (woo!!!) and he wants to plan a second date … Continue reading

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What the what?! Its a blog!

 Oh man, I did it. After threatening to, I finally got a blog. Ok, so I’m like 5 years behind, but whatevs. I mean I recently just discovered hipstigram. Its cool, I like being a little behind, its charming or … Continue reading

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